I’m against baby beauty contests, but I’m not above exploiting my kids cuteness for free produce for a year!  Seriously like the lotto for vegetarians / vegans.   If you have facebook - please like Piper’s Photo!

fruit and veggies for a year!

So I’m entering a photo contest to win free fruit and veggies for the year and need some inspiration.  The photo has to include the Fruit company’s logo hat.  So my two ideas so far are : The classic cute kid holding a lemonade / limeade stand with Pippa posing in the hat or she can go sporty spice and pose on a golf course and replace the golfball with a lemon on the tee in plaid shorts, sweater vest and the hat.  

Ideas?  Help?

Hard Times Cafe

I’m craving meat like crazy lately.  I have to look at pictures of animals to make it stop.  I’ve eaten like 70 percent vegan / 30 percent vegetarian for almost 8 months now and its just now getting hard?  Weird.  

Piper’s first soccer game of this season started this am with a bang.  The girls did amazing.  They’ve grown up so much!  They are no longer Happy Feet, I think this season they agreed on Purple Feet or Purple Pancakes.  The team naming conversation went a little longer than my attention span.  She made me so proud at the end of the game when all six girls played at the same time.  She held the little shy girl’s hand and ran her back and forth on the field.  She has the sweetest heart.    

The little cute argentinian boys that never leave my house, just moved two doors closer.  I’m so confused. I’m so used to one little girl - two boys are crazy.  They finished off Matt’s fruit loops - he’s going to have to eat healthy granola.  hahaha.

We got all of the crazy running around errands done today, tomorrow my only plans involve the beach and a yoga class.  

Quinoa Cakes with Lemon, Olive, and Parsley

i should be working but instead i’m planning out my first vegan thanksgiving….

any recipe suggestions?

Vegan BLT on Olive Loaf w/ komato tomato! 
We figured out Vegan Sloppy Joes!
garbanzo, onion, bell pepper, carrots, lots of garlic sauteed in olive oil.  Add tomato paste, cumin, pepper, tumeric, pepper to taste, veggie stock and let simmer for a while until thick.  Serve on whole wheat english muffins with veganaise and vegan provalone!  
Very tasty!